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The re-start

Hala_s is only a name added to many Iraqi bloggers who have been dedicating their time and efforts to write about the Iraqi story.
We all share one objective that is to reach a happy ending one day soon.

I live and work in London for some time now. I might be far, but in reality very close.
Not a typical Iraqi woman, simply because I am exposed to a different culture and live under different threats. But I never felt for a second that this is home.

My dream is to go back and live in Baghdad.

That’s it.

Please accept my first post on this page, and if you are interested, read my other two published in Asterism


  • Hi Hala, I'm glad to be the first to comment ;)

    Congratulations on your new blog and welcome to the Iraqi blogosphere. I will be reading you.

    By Blogger Zeyad, at 5:52 pm  

  • Welcome aboard Hala!

    By Blogger Omar, at 8:27 pm  

  • Btw, never hesitate to ask for any technical blogging help.

    By Blogger Omar, at 8:38 pm  

  • Zeyad,
    I am grateful for your help,you've been a real support.

    Thank you, I already had some problems. But I am ok for now.

    By Blogger hala_s, at 10:36 am  

  • I love your name and I love your words. You speak my mind most of the time, and when you don't you make me think anyway!

    By Blogger ZZ, at 9:46 pm  

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