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The pumpkin

I was sitting in the park last week when a small girl of about 4 years came up to me and said “Can I tell you a joke?” I hugged her and replied “of course you can; go on”, “Why is Cinderella bad in football?” “Why is that?” I asked, “Because her coach is a pumpkin!” I laughed so much; the little one couldn’t believe she was that funny and went back to her mother jumping with a triumphant smile;

The pumpkin reminded me somehow of the turban, not only the sound of it but the shape as well.
You might think I have a twisted mind, but those turbans are really worrying, and they should be to all of us.

My late father was born to a very religious family in Najaf. He opened his eyes in a house full of students from Iran, Lebanon living in, learning the Shariaa laws and the basis of Islam from as they believed its real source. When he was 15years old with a small turban over his head, he was very proud to join his father in a trip to Iran. Upon their arrival many reached out for his feet and tried to kiss them. Since that incident he left his city and took a completely different route, a 180 degree to the opposite direction.

Recently I read in Iraq the model blog, how the Saderist bunch is going after the education ministry;
Let the others fight over Oil, defence, interior or exterior, and while other blocs are concerned about the present, they are trying to control the future.

A series of documentaries on orphanages back home, were very disturbing when I watched them in one of the Iraqi channels. Those poor deprived children spend their after school time praying and attending religious lessons, and of course the young girls are in hijab already. No music, no art and no sport.
I don’t want to sound nasty but for one minute I questioned the Iraqi charities integrity; not money wise but their real aim. Are we going to bring up another herd?

I thought if my father could run away, those youngsters cannot. They are being coached by the wrong people and they are stuck with them.

Then I quickly remembered my nephew and nieces, who don’t know anything about outdoor activities, confined indoors in front of the TV or the Computer. When I was in Baghdad last year, my two nieces were so excited one night asking me to give them extra chocolates; they packed all their toys as they were going for a picnic. The picnic was sitting in the school garden for the whole day!
What type of people are they going to grow up into?

Their school in my time was named after the founder of the Baath Party (Michael Aflak) and now it is called Al Al-Bait (the family of prophet Mohamed)!

Doesn’t this say it all?

It looks like everybody wants to capture the Iraqis hearts and minds not only the Americans!
Everyone wants to put us in a certain mould and expect us to fit in whether we like it or not.

We have long established that it is impossible for a secular government to rule Iraq at the moment and not for a long time to come. But our future is in danger; someone is trying to steal our hopes and yet again influencing our children’s right of choice.

Two churches in the area where I live in London were sold to two different Islamic foundations and became two Mosques instead!

Just today on the radio the Archbishop of Winchester Cathedral was defending why for £20,000 he allowed the crew of The Da Vinci Code movie to film inside his Cathedral!
This controversial story which rocked the core of Christianity!

Dose this make the Christians less devoted than Muslims? I don’t think so.

On the contrary it proves the fact that their scarcity means people will go to them by choice, being everywhere and interfering in every detail will never make them more popular.

It is amazing to see how the English Muslims (coverts) behave or deal with Islam.
In my opinion they are the people who should wear the turbans and teach us all what our religion is all about.

First they don’t have our anger; they were brought up in stable and secure societies. Second; they had the freedom to think, compare and choose what they thought best.

When I hear a child screaming uncontrollably; honestly before I look behind, I bet that 90% he/she is from our part of the world! 90% of the times I am right.

This child is rebelling against the so-called facts imposed on him without explanation; Haram (against God’s wish), God will punish you; you will end up in hell, and so on

This heritage which we drag behind us wherever we go is based on fear, injustice and endless restrictions on our liberties.

When I loose hope in Iraqis living in here; I remember my mothers’ words; Iraqis back home are different, those people in here are lost and they want to defend their existence; In Iraq they are fighting to defend their newly gained freedom!

In the end, all I can say is “Beware of the pumpkins”.


  • Madly,
    I think we, the West's current generations, are part of a twilight period. We have rejected as a significant body the belief in black and white based on the interpretation of either 2000 or 1400 years ago. Clearly modern global society is more complex. The symptoms of our disease are different from the time of Christ and Muhammad. Yet, an important "yet", the core values, remain the same. The question is, "How to preserve the core values, and move forward?" How to preserve the respect and connection with the recognized chain of guidance, of our ancestors, and yet deal with the modern disease that is slowly killing us? There already are "answers". It just depends on your own search for truth.

    By Blogger EdoRiver, at 1:02 am  

  • Amen, and Amen again...Down with all Pumpkins! This speaks my mind more than anything else you've written before. If more Iraqis thought like you did...we would not be where we are today...but how to the midst of all this chaos!!!

    By Blogger ZZ, at 4:30 pm  

  • "...Pandora's heart beat so fast and loud, that it seemed for a moment to drown all other sounds. Should she open the box ? Just then a familiar step outside made her start guiltily. Epimetheus was coming, and she knew he would urge her again to come out, and would prevent the gratification of her curiosity. Precipitately, therefore, she raised the lid to have one little peep before he came in.

    Now, Jupiter had malignantly crammed into this box all the diseases, sorrows, vices, and crimes that afflict poor humanity; and the box was no sooner opened, than all these ills flew out, in the guise of horrid little brown-winged creatures, closely resembling moths. These little insects fluttered about, alighting, some upon Epimetheus, who had just entered, and some upon Pandora, pricking and stinging them most unmercifully. They then flew out through the open door and windows, and fastened upon the merrymakers without, whose shouts of joy were soon changed into wails of pain and anguish.

    Epimetheus and Pandora had never before experienced the faintest sensation of pain or anger; but, as soon as these winged evil spirits had stung them, they began to weep, and, alas ! quarrelled for the first time in their lives. Epimetheus reproached his wife in bitterest terms for her thoughtless action; but in the very midst of his vituperation he suddenly heard a sweet little voice entreat for freedom. The sound proceeded from the unfortunate box, whose cover Pandora had dropped again, in the first moment of her surprise and pain. " Open, open, and I will heal your wounds! Please let me out! " it pleaded.

    The tearful couple viewed each other inquiringly, and listened again. Once more they heard the same pitiful accents; and Epimetheus bade his wife open the box and set the speaker free, adding very amiably, that she had already done so much harm by her ill-fated curiosity, that it would be difficult to add materially to its evil consequences, and that, perchance, the box contained some good spirit, whose ministrations might prove beneficial.

    It was well for Pandora that she opened the box a second time, for the gods, with a sudden impulse of compassion, had concealed among the evil spirits one kindly creature, Hope, whose mission was to heal the wounds inflicted by her fellow prisoners..."

    By Blogger Antar, at 9:02 pm  

  • whose last gasp?!!
    remember when the wall fell in 89? did it even make a ripple on the psyche of the selfinvolved?
    but werent its results a wonder to believe?
    That's the final insult to tyrants, their former slaves sitting bored at a starbucks..

    Of course there will be setbacks, backslides, glaringly obvious thoughtcrimes, but don't forget that people ahve a way of learning from their mistakes.

    Engliosh socialism was founded on the idea of subverting christianty while at the same time depeding on a christan demographic, the same with most of the rest of europe. But the euros got too successful and have lost their minds,but is it just because slavers are popping up that you have just now noticed it?
    There is sin in the world, there are bad people, but don't forget to avg this stuff out and see that its causes are ageold.
    If the dirt they call England ends up in the hands of humans called muslims and they have to go through the process of learning how to think all over again, who can blame them?!!!
    The english would rather lsiten to 50cent and wait for the dole than fight for themselves or christianity, but God knows all this and leaves them to their folly. Its about saving your opwn and leaving the heaving mass to finds its own way lest you remove any impediments they might learn something from.
    It sucks but its true, you might have to actually pay for your fun.

    By Blogger luckent47, at 3:29 am  

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