madly in love with Iraq


The house

“What if we run out of oil?”
“That would be the day of our relief, let it dry out before it dries our blood off” My mother would say.

Last week over the phone she was quoting my late fathers’ words of forty years ago when he tried to talk her out of building a house in Baghdad “It is not worth laying one brick in this country”
“He warned me enough but I wouldn’t listen, you left and the rest of us will be forced to follow and the house will stay here and becomes a property of someone else’s”.

Knowing my mother, she will be the last to leave, she only vents when she is deeply upset.

Her brother in law, my late auntie’s husband was slaughtered last week.
A seventy three years old who stayed to guard yet another house. .

A relative kept his brother’s dead body for three days at home, too afraid to take him out of the house for burial.

"Too much death to contain, nothing is sacred anymore,If it wasn’t for the house we would have left long time ago!”

They all say that for as long as they can afford to.

And people are still wondering whether oil has been a boon or a doom.

We spent a life time dreaming of getting hold of it, touching it, depending on it and making it our security.

In the name of oil we were abused, oppressed, tortured and were sent to useless wars.
In its name we lost a fertile land, a promising industry and literally everything.

Over it we are fighting each other and because of it we are following the turbans thinking God will do us just.

Oil for us has been like a mirage we keep on running after, and would be happy to get a drop to satisfy our thirst if ever.

The truth which we don’t dare to face is that it was never ours. We guarded it for so long and now it seems we were made redundant, the real owner has arrived. We either have to leave for good or go six feet under.

Oil is the real name behind democracy, stability and eventually the New Middle East.

People are counting and disputing our death toll. People are trying to condemn this illegal war,and they want to impeach Bush and round up the culprits responsible.

The above might put a stop to any future adventure, it might arrange for an exit strategy but what about us? Not even Bush's death will solve our problem.

I’ll be lying if I say I lost hope. When you are in love it is hard to do so.

But my aims for Iraq have changed.

I want this horrifying hybrid of a government to succeed and the 21,000 extra troops to take control. All I dream of which is no different to the millions of Iraqis is damage control force.

Let them take this cursed oil and drink it to the last drop, let them leave the house unfurnished it doesn’t matter anymore.

What matter most is our blood and it is much thicker than oil.


  • Allah yer7am your aunt's husband.. inshallah with the baraka of this holy month he'll be granted the highest of ranks inshallah..

    Hala, your words are ever painful.. despite having lived in exile for so many years, you seem to deliver your message as if you were in the midst of the bombing and the killing and everything else..

    I agree with what you said about our oil not actually belonging to us eventhough we've safe-guarded it and fended thieves off it for years.. but I do think it goes beyond oil.. I mean oil is a fundamental asset.. but if you look at other features that Iraq is distinctive for, you'll see what I mean..

    Historical and religious significance: the numerous religious sites pose a great threat to many countries who view these sites as strongholds of their opposition.. speaking bluntly, the wahabi governments -and those who sell in to them- hate to see millions amongst millions of shia Muslims flock to the shrines in Karbala, Najaf, Kathmiyya and Samirra..

    Human resources: Iraq is unrivalled in producing the greatest academics, thinkers, doctors, mechanics and scientists.. over centuries, Iraq gave birth to the brightest personalities who contributed greatly to the scientific revolution around the world.. in today's world, nothing has changed except that instead of being recognised as pioneers in their respected fields, they're being forced to flee the country and settle for some job in catering in Jordan or Libya..

    These are two reasons which I always had in mind for being behind the misfortunes that others burden Iraq with.. of course, there are plenty more.. some even amongst us, a lot of damage in Iraq is self-inflicted by those who sold their conscience and sense of belonging for a few bucks..

    Be well Hala,


    By Blogger Little Penguin, at 12:41 am  

  • Bush is the coat rack on which you can hang any grievance imaginable. Is there oil in Lebanon? In Afghanistan? In Chechnya? Not to my knowledge. On the other hand, there is oil here in Canada and we still have to see an American invasion. It's not the oil, Hala, that brought Iraq down. Rather, it's the peculiar attitude characteristic of the people who live in the above mentioned countries.

    By Anonymous Eva, Canada, at 6:58 am  

  • so what you're saying is that war a is different from wars b, c, and d. that makes her wrong about war a how?

    what peculiar people are you talking of? muslims? the asian continent as a whole?

    By Blogger nadia n, at 11:09 pm  

  • Nadia, please notice that I'm not talking about war. The focus here is on oil.

    Canada treats oil as a commodity. We sell, Americans buy. Problems? None. As soon as you begin to use oil as a political weapon, you get into trouble.

    The peculiar attitude I mentioned in my post is the inability to reach consensus between different points of view. This results in political instability and general misery. Palestinians are a good example. They have been killing each other ever since the elections last year. It's either my way or the highway. A very common phenomenon in the Middle East.

    By Anonymous Eva, Canada, at 3:51 am  

  • Eva,

    I agree with you. Arabis never quite managed to have some sort of political consensus amongst themselves as a people or as individual nations, like Palestine and Iraq. The root cause of this inability to be in harmony with one another was first started when the victors of WW2 thought of re-shaping the region in accordance to their interests.. Palestine was great before Britain aided the inception of the Israeli state in 1948.. since then, the Allies, especially America and Britian, have been ardent supporters of Israel and have indirectly intensified frictions between the mid-east and the West and within the region itself.. supporting one country against another..

    We can't dwell.. something has to be done in order for the people to set a goal for themselves and do their best to attain it.. Howeverm this will only be possible once we are left alone to deal with our problems.. If American and the EU didn't have a fit at the Palestinian election results, things would have been fine.. but they opted to denounce the results and cause havoc.. Arab countries have also done their fair share of unnecessary intervention.. i dont wanna go into detail but everyone wants to act as guardians of the troubled countries..

    my message to the leaders of these countries?... Sod off.. if it wasn't for your bumming in like that, we'd be much better off..


    By Blogger Little Penguin, at 1:04 pm  

  • eva from Canada
    What are you talking about??
    First, I haven't defended my people or said that they don't share any blame of what is happening.
    Second, If you read my post thoroughly you will see clearly that it is not Bush in person. I believe the same policy will go on whether he stays or goes.

    So if you did not mean the war in your comment, what else??
    Our race?
    So Palestinians are to blame for fighting each other?? I am amazed by your cleverness. Stay one day without money and come and tell me how you going to act. Who is holding the money?? Our beloved Israel. Democracy chose Hamas, and guess what happened next.
    The democracy Israel and US want has to be tailor-made to fit their ways.
    You people are all hypocrites.
    People everywhere are the same but they do have different circumstances and are subjected to different problems let alone different culture.

    As little penguin mentioned look at the world after WWII. The world’s order till this day is being planned by the winners of that war.
    So what is in your opinion initiated this war?? Maybe the US fell in love with us and decided to help.
    Why don’t you get off our backs and leave us to our means?
    Wake up and see the truth.

    One more thing, America went to Afghanistan to kill the monster it created to fight the Russians.Go and check a bit of history.

    See Nadia n, the problem is in us after all. We have evil blood running through our veins!

    By Blogger hala_s, at 2:29 pm  

  • Bush's righteous cursade against Sadam? Because Sadam was a cruel dictator? Just so much concern for Iraqi citizens? Yeah, it's nothing about the oil, and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is just a peachy saint who Bush has never put on his axis of evil. No oil, no US imposed democracy. Awww....good thing Canada and Norway already had their democracies in place. Bush would sure like to switch out Hugo Chavez for some US (oil company owned and managed) style democracy...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:00 pm  

  • afghanistan and chechnya are not a part of the middle east and they are certainly not of the same people.

    so you're not talking about war but how people in iraq, chechnya, palestine, afghanistan fight one another? what exactly do you think war is?

    the political climate in north maerica might have been a little different if we hadn't wiped out about ten million people. i don't think that's much to feel superior about.

    By Blogger nadia n, at 6:32 pm  

  • i should have read the other comments before i made mine, anyways, since we're talking about european powers, i'm reading a really good book right now called paris 1919 about how they divided up their territory amongst themselves post ww1. i recommend it.

    By Blogger nadia n, at 6:43 pm  

  • I've always said that we're loads better off without this black gold.

    By Blogger chikitita, at 1:33 pm  

  • Hala I'm so sorry for your relative. Allah yru7ma ya rab. Walla gulbi enshele3. I can't stand the sight of an old man getting hurt or injured but I see it all the time on tv and if i don't then it's happening everyday.

    Hala, as you told me earlier, there is hope. There should be otherwise we wouldn't not be here.

    By Anonymous miraj, at 10:01 pm  

  • Hala_S, please accept my condolences for the lose of your relative

    Running out of oil will not mark the end of our problems, in my own opinion, believe me. It is the strategic location that also plays big part in attracting any scum bag and/or real human to Iraq.

    By Blogger MixMax, at 1:46 pm  

  • For EVERYONE'S INFO. THERE *IS* OIL in AFGHANISTAN (or at least a potential for a pipeline to Europe). THERE IS URANIUM in CHECHNEYA...Why the heck do you think the Russians are hanging on...They let...Khazakistan go...
    ALL FRONT LINE STATES TO ISRAEL (including LEBANON) have to be 'controlled' for Israel's security...It's NOT our "peculiar attitude" Ms. Racist Eva...Rather...IT IS YOURS!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:36 pm  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:39 am  

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