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The monster

“He is rich that is why” a very wise friend whispered in my ear; watching my puzzled eyes and fidgety movements.
Everybody was surrounding him laughing and cheering at his silly jokes, praising him for taking smart business decisions which sounded really dumb choices by any standards.

The amount of nonsense was unbearable and looking at all these people whom I respect and thought of as interesting and principled made it feel worse.
However, my wise friend’s comment said it all and managed to put a smile on my face…at least for a short while.

I remembered this gathering which happened long time ago while watching King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia sitting in between the Palestinian competing parties in an effort to bring them to reach an understanding. For sure this idiot has no wisdom to offer rather than money and more money to settle a matter he promised his masters to solve.

When I think of the contributions Saudis have made to the Arab countries let alone to the World, I find myself cornered with money for the wrong purpose.
Al-Qaeda and Salafis ideologies were the only product of their finance, and while exporting this idiocy to Iraq and Afghanistan and the rest, they sit there as their partners in the Gulf states safe and happy buying off these criminals and sponsoring them to keep their dirty hands off their cities.

They have been throwing money for decades to build up radical Islam and hate towards others. They actually succeeded in killing tolerance in one of the most stable societies like Egypt.

They shamelessly donated money to London zoo few years back and keep on pampering royals from all over with expensive jewellery.

The rest of the money they spend lavishly and disgracefully in Europe and America to enjoy what their own code of beliefs forbids!

We hear all the time of distinguished Arab doctors, scientists or engineers and professors working all over the world, but you rarely hear of any from this great Kingdom. We only hear of them as “dodgy business men” or suicide bombers.

As I watched the execution of 14 Iraqi police men by Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia hearing the Quran being recited in the background, all I could see was those Saudi perverts laughing and cheering their victory

And yet Saudi Arabia is considered the head of moderate Arab states that are fighting to stabilize the area against Syria and Iran extremism!

They even got away with not condemning the Israeli assault on Lebanon last summer, and in fact managed to influence what took place as only a Shia plot to take over Lebanon!

They act as if they are the protector of Islam and Muslims as well as backing democracies anywhere else but in their own land.

This is the power of money which makes black looks white for the people who can actually differentiate and this same power is able to completely blind those who are already clueless!

I read somewhere that corruption, injustice and religious fundamentalism are only the complications of one disease and that is dictatorship.

Those are the people who are ready to burn and kill the world in order to keep things as they are.
The balance of power which they fear has been disturbed in the Middle East is a myth of their own making. No balance is what they are really after.

Well done America please continue feeding the monster till it eats you up.
How clever of you to identify where the bombs and ammunitions in Iraq are coming from at last.
While you are at it, could you please check the source of the bombs that blew up a hundred pilgrims in Hilla earlier today?

Meanwhile beware where the next bullet is coming from!


  • i'm totally serious in that the most terrifying thing i've seen in the last while is israel and the us cozying upto these nutters even more since the bombing of lebanon.

    at least some people over here sort of caught on to the fact that they're playing with fire. ugh, divide and rule indeed.

    By Blogger nadia n, at 7:37 am  

  • ok this was the article i originally meant to post.

    By Blogger nadia n, at 7:58 am  

  • Hala
    Excellent post
    I kept thinking yesturday about the Ammerican plan to attack Iran.

    Are Arabs going to participate by any means.
    It's quite obvious that, Americaa who announced that shiites are abused in Iraq and they should get their rights, have suddenly turned to be against them and wants to protect Iraqis from Al-Mahdi army and other militias.

    Arabs hate shiites now and they consider them even worse than Israel, so they won't mind destroying Iran as it supports shiites.

    It's shameful how stupid we are , it's said in arabic(believer never bitten from the same hole twice)
    I'm realy wondering how many have we been bitten from the same hole?!!

    Well done

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:36 am  

  • By Blogger Iraqi Mojo, at 3:49 pm  

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    By Blogger nadia n, at 4:04 pm  

  • i read a story by rob fisk a long while back...he was interviewing these iraqis who were involved in car bombings, and claimed they had NO idea that they were being recruited for the resistance. basically they just thought they were being hired for a regular job, told "drive here and call this number when you get there" and when they did were shocked the car exploded. some were even told they were being hired by the government. i have no idea how plausible that is.

    By Blogger nadia n, at 4:05 pm  

  • Hala,
    I could not agree more with you! In my opinion they are the source of every single problem in the area begining with the control of the holy land, to the control of the fate of all neighboring countries, including Palestine!

    By Blogger ZZ, at 3:48 am  

  • "And yet Saudi Arabia is considered the head of moderate Arab states that are fighting to stabilize the area against Syria and Iran extremism!"

    Yeah, it's totally crazy. And the US is arming these nutters to the teeth with advanced weaponry such as tanks and aircraft. Total stupidity, but it also makes a mockery of US claims to be fighting extremism.

    By Blogger Bruno, at 7:22 am  

  • typical.

    both this post and that "he has money" remark reek of envy. funny that you call it wise... it's anything but, as being saudi myself, i've heard it one too many times by mostly the same suspects.

    you bash and you moan and yet, a saudi (or a citizen of the gulf) has plenty more rights than an iraqi or most other arabs will ever his own HOMELAND. stability in the mideast, tis a rare, rare feat, my friend.

    look -for once- beyond your seething envy, arabs.

    ps: i in no way meant any ill-favor towards my brothers and sisters the iraqis... i'm actually infatuated with them (esp the men, can i get an amen, ladies?) i'm just not all that surprised by the views presented in this post. they're, as stated above, sooooo typical.

    By Anonymous a saudi-- not an idiot, at 11:49 am  

  • oh yes, one more thing:

    "We hear all the time of distinguished Arab doctors, scientists or engineers and professors working all over the world, but you rarely hear of any from this great Kingdom."

    um, really? it's not rocket science. they don't go abroad because saudi arabia still happens to be stable enough, which unfortunately is more than I can say for most other arab nations.
    those same great doctors from all over the arab world come to the gulf too. it's called making money, yearning for better living standards.
    saudi doctors do the same. except their own country is still stable and they make heaps more in it(esp since it is a mostly tax-free country-- not counting zakat's 2%)

    that's why you don't see too many of them abroad except for on vacay. just thought i should clarify-- slightly surprised you didn't do the math yourself.

    ps: saudi luminaries ARE leaving their mark.... in places as far as poland, too. the iraqi siamese twins come to mind. hmmmm...

    pps: again, how is a point seemingly meant to illustrate how idiotic a nation and a people saudi is, in any way relevant to the discourse? me smelleth it again. the green eyed monster. (not the same one you speak of tho)

    By Anonymous that saudi again, at 12:10 pm  

  • Thank you for enlightening us about your great Kingdom and its stability. Could you please let us know more about human rights and social justice in your country so we can benefit from your long experience in these aspects and apply it to our own.
    And also don't forget to tell us about your esteemed Kingdoms's investments in distributing the ideology of hate and terror all over the world, I had no idea it reached Poland!
    Mind you not an idoit at all person from Saudi Arabia I wasn't at all targeting the people who live in the Kingdom rather than Al-Saud!
    Envy??? for what? Come on come of it.
    If you pay taxes in your so called haven you would have the right to open your mouths.
    Enjoy your King.

    By Blogger hala_s, at 9:54 pm  

  • whoah, when I said I mean no ill favor, I meant it.

    lest I am misunderstood, I understand where you are coming from in your post. they are all legit issues saudis themselves have posed and discussed time and time again.

    for the record, I don't think saudi is great , far from it, I don't believe that was implicit in my comment either, how you interpreted it that way is beyond me.
    also, re: tax enforcement, agreed. but I won't lie to you either, far be it from me to engage in democracy-related rhetoric, I honestly find the fact that I don't have to pay taxes borderline convenient. (some saudi intellectuals have argued that this satisfaction we have with mere convenience will soon contribute to our own fall from grace-- and on many levels, I agree) but initially I mentioned the tax issue in passing, only to refute your argument that saudi does not produce enough doctors on an international scale, little else.

    now, my beef with your post? i just felt the tone of it is all too familiar; one that I as a saudi commonfolk am quite fed up with.
    I wish you had clarified that it is the royals and their cushion-like religious establishment that you meant (itself a subject of lively debate in the country in question-- but that is where the question of stability comes in). but you didn't. not only did you deny all the hard cold cash taken straight out of saudis' pockets (never from the royals' loose change, mind you) for the arab cause. do you really want me to provide links of just how much was spent -mind, for irreligious causes- on arab countries? it is enough to raise concern among any discerning young countryman. that saudi arabia takes precedence among the rest of the gulf is also baffling to many a saudi...especially that many are then received with talk such as this.
    but, you also go on to make sweeping statements about the social fabric of this nation and its people by discussing their areas of expertise, their education, and lastly, that token staple arabs are SO fond of waving, their spending habits. and THAT my friend, THAT is what concerns me as a young saudi woman and that is when I chime in.

    re: poland, i meant the siamese twins that came here all the way from there for treatment, as well as the iraqi ones and many more. btw, i'll be the first to admit that we are majorly lagging where other areas are concerned, but where medical facilities are, it is quite advanced. hospitals here receive an overwhelming number of people from all over the gulf (iraq, yemen, kuwait, oman and even UAE included) who come almost solely for treatment. and, doctors would be saudi born and bred. it is unfair to make such a sweeping statement about a people and I'm sure you wouldn't stand for the same intolerance yourself.

    lastly, yes, i will venture to partly blame envy for many of the meaningless babel that I am faced with daily for merely being saudi. while saudi arabia as a nation, state and people is MAJORLY flawed, when entirely rational people start callously making you a target for online blackmail, when absolutely sane and rational people start calling you an idiot or an undeserving bedouin for no apparent reason, (I firmly believe that no one is so cruel as to kick a dog while its down) I will chalk it up to no other than envy, as I assume most people will.
    if it isn't envy (and disgust, no less) but sheer concern for both yours and mine and consequently how yours affects mine, I'm sure the wording could be structured more appropriately and the dialog made a tad more politically correct, alas it never is.

    in any regard, I sense a maturity in your writing and would love to discuss this further with you if you'd like that as well.
    is there an email I can contact you at? ( my evil plot to nab me an iraqi friend...what can I say, I have a soft spot for you iraqis!)

    By Anonymous that saudi again, at 1:17 pm  

  • the young woman from Saudi Arabia

    You are welcome to e-mail me whenever you feel like it. My e-mail is under my profile.

    Just to clarify one thing, I never target people on my blog let alone generalizing. I usually target policies and agendas.
    All Arab governments share the blame on what is happening in Iraq and they will all pay dearly in the end.

    By Blogger hala_s, at 9:07 pm  

  • Hi, I'm an American lawyer, and I just want to say that this is the best Iraqi blog I have seen -- and I've seen dozens.

    By the way, my nephew is fighting in Ramadi; my own children are all too young.

    As far as Saudi Arabia goes, it should be noted that more Saudis have died in Iraq than Americans -- fighting for the other side, of course.

    By Anonymous r.r. hamilton, at 7:57 am  

  • wasn't there, trust me, that's the first place I checked.

    can't leave it here?

    By Anonymous saudi chick, at 12:45 pm  

  • "you bash and you moan and yet, a saudi (or a citizen of the gulf) has plenty more rights than an iraqi or most other arabs will ever have"

    what rights do saudis have that other arab countries don't? i just want to know what to be jealous of.

    By Blogger nadia n, at 6:30 pm  

  • hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

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