madly in love with Iraq


Have some mercy on us!

Does it really require men to pull Iraq out of this mess?
Whatever they said so far is gibberish; all they wrote was only waffle.

Look how stubborn and single-minded they have been. Is it that hard to compromise? Is it that complicated to reach an understanding? Their false pride and greed for power weighs more than the Iraqi blood on the scale.

Why not women for a change?
If we want to apply democracy, we are more in numbers.
If qualifications are the issue, we have enough qualified women.
If experience is the question, Iraqi women ran the country in the eighties and continued through the nineties.
Up to now, look at them, finding new means and creating new methods to survive.
They have always been the unknown soldiers, struggling daily to protect their families inside their houses and out. They proved to be more resilient, robust and flexible.

Women in general are a threat to men, not only in Iraq but all over
In our part of the world they cover them and restrict their movement, in here they are under-paid, encouraged to be models and single mothers rather than go and acquire some education.
Women are hindered and their efforts are obstructed on daily basis.

They say behind every successful man there is a good woman. It should be re-phrased:
There is no one behind a successful woman!

Iraqi women were brought up to believe that all revolves around the happiness of men and their comfort and progress. Whatever women achieve they have one destiny, getting married and have children, when it comes to men all options are open.

I happen to know a couple both doctors, all I hear is how the man passed all his exams and became a consultant and a brilliant surgeon, for years this was the story. When I meet them, I see a dedicated wife running around to make sure everyone is settled and happy, I could see how her face brightens up every time someone praises the husband the achiever, how tired and drained he is. Once I asked her about her job? She simply answered that she is only a pathologist and works from 9 to 6. And when my inquisitive mind pressed further, she turned out to be a forensic doctor! Working in a morgue and deals daily with corpses and police investigations! And everyone was so worried about her poor husband.
Another very young woman came over from Iraq to meet up with a husband who is in debt up to his head, four years ago. In no time she found a job, settled what they owe, had a mortgage arranged and even had a baby!

The difference between men and women is that women have more common sense and could react under stressful conditions. They are simply more resourceful.
Instead of moaning when things get tough, they move on and do something.
I have many more examples of dreaming men sitting at home planning to become rich and hard-working women silently handling their jobs and children.

The number of single Iraqi mothers in here is quite high; marriages brake off easily if they were built on brittle bases. Ours are the best candidates; usually arranged or based on hasty decisions you name it. When people are out of their normal environment and suddenly alone, things take different turn. The issue is that women proved to be determined and focused. My cousin have three children, her husband chose to marry another woman and left her alone. She was 43 years old when she decided to pursue her career as a doctor! In four years she passed all her exams and single-handedly raised her children.

To get a British driving licence is quite tough, the funny part is Iraqi women pass rate from the first trial is higher than men! The reason is again simple; women abide and listen, men think they are cool and have to show their heroics and their outstanding driving skills, so the result is obvious!
One woman I know said her husband failed and she passed, but she cannot drive, he is so furious and every time they go out, he insists that she goes and take the test again because he doesn’t trust her with the car!

Women support their men and push them forward, men in general don’t.
Many Iraqi men in here refuse to send their wives to Colleges to learn English; they found this threatening! They only encourage them to mix with their own people and give the usual excuses of culture and religion.

Women run all effective Iraqi charities established in here.
There is a charity that started mid nineties and used to support Iraqi refugee camps after the war 1991 outside the Iraqi borders. The founder is a woman, without any fuss around her she used to deliver and still is.
The Iraqi orphan Foundation, solely operated by women has a base in Iraq and clear agendas to help and support. Ordinary, not even highly educated women; but diligent and level headed, collecting donations, keeping their books tidy.
The accuracy of the work is admirable.

When I watch Iraqi TV, I see many so-called political analysts, most of them men full of nonsense, their very few women counterparts give fully comprehensive views which impose respect even if you don’t agree with them.

There is a program on Iraqi TV now about giving free-interest loans for people to start businesses or small projects. What amazes me really is the number of women attendees, and especially the ones with their husbands sitting at home waiting for the loan!
I cannot get it! Why don’t they go themselves?

Women have to do the dirty jobs, and men still have the guts to give orders.
Shame on you.

It is time for Iraqi men politicians to retire and have a long rest.

I am all for women.


The Rage

George Bernard Shaw once said “Islam is the best religion with the worst followers”

Is it true?

Religion should bring peace and fill one’s heart with calmness, why Muslims are full of rage?

Why are they constantly trying to prove a point? And what is their point anyway?

I’ve came across many Muslims young and old, and a lot of them project anger and inferiority.

I am not in a position of discussing Islam in here; I have observations only;

Lately, a Muslim trainee joined us at work; he worked in my department. We had a big row because he insisted on leaving for 2hours every Friday for the prayers in a certain Mosque, I tried to explain that there is a near by Mosque which he can use, but no way. He filed a complaint against me, and said that I represent a bad image to Islam and all the rest. In the end, it was suggested that he wouldn’t get paid for these two hours to make all parties happy. Guess what? He started praying in the local Mosque, but of course was moved to another department!

My cousin was in a bus during Ramadan, and the driver left the bus for 15 minutes to break his fast! When he came back, and to the astonishment of the passengers, he preached them on the benefits of fasting, and of how they should respect other peoples’ faith.

Once I attended a conference through work, nothing to do with religion of course, and during the café break, one of the lecturers who happened to be a Muslim suddenly forced a religious conversation; and started a Heaven and Hell subject. He literally told everyone that only Muslims would go to Heaven! One said what about scientists? Thomas Edison for example? The Muslim man had no problem, and immediately replied; Edison will probably linger in the “Barzakh” (that is an area between Heaven and Hell described in the Quran), so he decided that Edison case would be an outstanding one for a while! In another words he played God and left him jobless.

That man Omar Khayam (not the poet) a 22years old Muslim who went out shouting and threatening in the demonstration back during the cartoon crisis, dressed in a suicide bomber outfit; turned out to be a cracked cocaine dealer and tagged by the police! But his pride was so overwhelming; he was not even bothered to keep a low profile!

An Arab who was so angry about the overthrown of Saddam, told me confidently that Saddam is a Muslim after all!
So, if a Muslim slaughters Iraqis it is ok, the slaughtering would be Halal!

You meet with people who have the cheek to say that they have a mission to turn this society to a Muslim one. Why? Simply because they can open their mouths freely and say so. Living in a secular society allowed them to practice this right.

It is a well-known fact that separating religion from politics made peoples’ lives better.

Why do Muslims project death and martyrdom, why don’t they say the basis of Islam is “who ever wishes to meet God, let them have a good deed in life and worship the one and only God”.
Islam encourages people to work, probably the only religion clearly stating that Work is the real worship, why don’t they show it?

Iraqis think having one joint problem or enemy or one leader or goal or faith make them stronger. I used to think the same. I felt so insecure when I came here because people are so diverse in their problems, in their beliefs even in their pleasure, I thought that is why there is no warmth in here; everyone leads a separate route. But later I found out that this is how it should be. Security comes from inside. Hiding behind others and trying to gain confidence and power through them is an illusion.
People were born to be different and they will continue to be so.

Faith is wonderful, I still remember my late uncle while trying to avoid my questioning eyes seeing him drinking alcohol, saying: Listen having faith in something, even if it was a piece of rock is better than being faithless.

Be religious, be atheist, be agnostic, be gay, be straight. You have your territory and I have mine.

I have to say this, not sure if it is related but, Tony Blair shocked a lot of people last night when he was cornered about his miscalculations of the Iraqi war by saying: I will be judged by God on that!

The over-stretching of an already respected freedom keeps on amazing me.