madly in love with Iraq



I am off to Beirut in few days time to join part of my family. It has become unbearable for them to hold on in Baghdad in the heat generated by natural and unnatural causes.

I am excited and happy; my batteries are nearly flat and desperately require recharging! And this can only be achieved by intensive hugs and reassurances from my mother.

It is very sad though not being able to make the one hour flight to Baghdad from there, and in spite of feeling so thrilled at the moment, my heart is not beating as fast as it does when Baghdad is my final destination.

Baghdad is my family, my home and my love. This was my answer to someone who said that once my family is out, I will forget, stop following the news and seize from worrying.

I wanted to post something, but I am really distracted and cannot concentrate, let alone having to arrange my work before leaving.

I should be back by the end of July.

I will miss you all.