madly in love with Iraq


Welcome to the Middle East

Guys I made it to Beirut only yesterday morning!

My first impression was how elegant and beautiful Rafik Al Harir's airpot is!It didn't take me more than one day to blow it up and with it my family's arrival this morning.

Now my mother is stuck in Damascus . It is not safe for me to take a taxi from here to join her, and she wouldn't be granted an entry visa in the Lebanese borders if she decided to join me in the seige! Visas to Iraqis are only issued if you arrive by air. Don't ask me why.

"Alone in Beirut"

Guys I know no one in here, isn't that funny!!
Yesterday I strolled in Al Hamra street following Zappy's advice. I did my homework and went to Antoine bookshop, ate Manakeesh and took a 2hour walk along the sea. I sat on a rock watching fishermen and swimmers, then on a bench smoking and watching a live fashion show for free.
Later in the evening I dressed up and went down town Beirut. I had a tasty dinner in Al Balad restaurant and an excellent coffe in Virgin coffe shop all by myself till 1:00am.
I took a taxi and came back to the hotel normally.
For some who don't know, a woman cannot do this in any Arab country. But this is Beirut! isn't it? Here you see a woman covered from top to toe walking aside another with nearly no clothes on.
Today, after my brother's wake up call to give me the bad news (I didn't hear any bombing), I decided to kill time before my worries kill me. I followed a friend advice and went to an area called "Musharafiya" to check an antique shop. Guess what? I discovered after arriving there, that this is part of the south district where Hizbola followers live.They were all closing early and clearing their shop windows. The traffic was unbelievable and all heading to inner Beirut or fleeing to their homes.
I walked for a long time till I could find a car to take me back. The driver thank God was an optimist or maybe a good tourism enthusiast, he kept on telling me how things will clear in a maximum of two days, and that this is only a game.

My feeling is that bombing the airport was meant to kill any hope to revive Lebanon's economy.
Israel is jealous, it might sound silly but they are dying to get people to their country and establish any kind of tourism. This will never happen.

I am in the hotel lobby watching Hizbola channeland using their net although the owners are Christians and the manager is Durzi. Patriotic songs and all the lot. A feeling of Deja vous inside me and an old song of Sabah called "I lost my heart in Beirut" is playing in my ear and has been all day.

I am sure I won't loose my heart in Beirut but I might loose my Li........
It's bloody 13th today. I am just joking, everything will be fine.